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Top bar modification

Remove Top Bar

Top bar

If you decide to create your own save & close buttons, you can completely remove the top bar from the editor, so you don't have to be limited by our own interface, to do so use: removeTopBar: true.

Hide or show top bar options

If you want to hide only some elements in top bar you can do so by using an option topBarOptions: []. You can add these elements to display them:

  • "undoRedo" Shows undo/redo button

  • "changePreview" Shows Change preview button

  • "previewSize" Shows toggle mobile/desktop preview button

  • "previewTestMail" Shows sending testing email button

  • "save" Shows save button

  • "saveAndClose" Shows Save & Close button

Default value is [].

Empty array means all elements are visible.

Window Bar

Top Bar

You can add additional window bar which brings an option to use fullscreen button and close button, which fires a onClose callback.

windowBar: ["fullscreen", "close"];