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Topol Plugin is a drag-and-drop email editor you can embed to your site. Email templates are managed on your end (self-hosted). Once the editor is saved you receive HTML and JSON of the email template. The editor can only load templates in JSON created specifically in our Editor.


Please note it's not possible to load HTML to the Editor.

PRO vs Plugin? Which one is for you?

PRO version allows you to work within Topol app. PRO version is fully hosted on Topol servers. Topol PRO is using Topol Plugin within the app, therefore provides same features with some additions. Topol PRO features are:

  • create email templates
  • export email templates
  • cooperate with your team
  • integrate with other providers - Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Ecomail (only in Topol PRO)

Topol Plugin is a white label solution you can implement to your platform. It allows your customers to create templates, export and cooperate with others inside your systems.


How long does integration take?

Just a few minutes.

The integration is separated into small steps. You can have simple proof-of-concept integration running in a few minutes.

The architecture is structured in a way that you can implement more features in the future.

We will take a look on how to integrate the plugin in the next chapter.

Where is my data stored? Can I use my own storage?

We use Google Cloud Storage to host your data. However, you have the option to host your data by yourself. We currently support Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Storage as custom storage and also completely self-hosted storage. Learn more about it here.

Do you store any of our data?

We do not have to. When you use self-hosted storage, we do not store any of your data.

Can we customize the plugin?

Yes! The plugin is completely customizable. Our plugin offers:

What are minimum dimensions Editor can run at?

Because the editor runs inside an iframe, you can embed it anywhere you want. It's optimized for minimum of 1050px width and 850px height. You can also take advantage of a full screen button. This can overcome some integration issues when the iframe is placed into smaller more narrow places.